The Johne’s disease research team at the University of Sydney is part of the Farm Animal Health group in the Sydney School of Veterinary Science. We are located at the Camden campus, about 60 km south-west of Sydney. We study all aspects of Johne’s disease in sheep, cattle and other ruminants, from its detection on-farm through to fundamental molecular, cellular and immune processes within animals that lead to signs of infection.

Our mission is to discover new ways to prevent, control and manage Johne’s disease on Australian farms. We use the latest technologies in microbiology, molecular biology, immunology and epidemiology and in doing so we are training the next generation of young scientists for the livestock industries. There is no easy solution for Johne’s disease, but there has been substantial progress, and we strive to provide new tools and expertise to position Australian industry favourably in an international market context.

If you have found this page it is quite likely that you already know how this disease impacts the livestock industry in some parts of Australia. While our work is published in international scientific journals, we have created this website to make our work more easily available to the livestock industry. We hope that the information is useful, and we would appreciate your feedback.

Sheep408092008 (5)

May 2017

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