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Interdisciplinary collaboration between Westmead and Camden campuses

We are collaborating with the researchers who focus on tuberculosis in humans to compare the genomes of various mycobacterial species. Comparing human, animal and environmental mycobacteria will provide important insights into ecological niche adaptation.

13th ICP

We presented our recent research results at the paratuberculosis meeting in Nantes, France.

AHA webinar series on JD for veterinarians

We presented three seminars on Johne’s disease as  part of this series in November 2016. You can watch the presentations on:

  • Diagnosis of Johne’s disease
  • Breed susceptibility to OJD in sheep (at 26:33 on video)
  • Herd screening techniques for Johne’s disease (at 34:53 on video)

BJD forum

Animal Health Australia is co-ordinating a review of the National Bovine Johne’s Disease Strategic Plan on behalf of the BJD Steering Committee. The first step in this process is the forum “BJD – Where to from here” on 16 February. At this meeting Prof. Richard Whittington will be discussing issues related to the diagnosis of BJD.

New diagnostic tests for Johne’s disease

  • Rapid test – the HT-J faecal PCR test is now available nationally
  • Culture
    • new M7H9C culture medium has replaced BACTEC medium
    • a high throughput culture confirmation protocol has just been released

These new methods have been developed during the current research program funded by the livestock industries. They are much more efficient and sensitive than previous methods. They have been developed through painstaking research and are validated to international standards.

 December 2016